Heating a chicken house with gas heater

What is the best way of warming a chicken house? GAS – most definitely. The cost of electricity is crippling when you need to heat a chicken house for any extended period. The Gasolec brooder is the best gas heater for poultry. Designed specifically for the poultry industry the Gasolec brooder delivers a wide pool of radiant heat. With full back and spares available, this chicken heater from the Netherlands is available from Chicken Shack Agencies. There are cheaper gas heaters on the market, there are even knock offs of the Gasolec heater – but none of these poultry heaters come close to the Gasolec brooder.

heaters for poultry

M8 Gasolec Brooder

Gas Brooders for heating poultry are one of several ways to warm a poultry house. Gas heaters for chickens can also be used for heating other livestock – and are often used by the chicken farmer in his home. Gas heaters and gas brooders for keeping chickens warm in a poultry house. Giving instant heat a gas brooder is by far the best way to warm a poultry house. Gas heaters, or brooders as they are known to chicken farmers are poultry heaters. Chicken heaters and gas brooders for keeping chickens warm are available from Chicken Shack Agencies – the best brand of gas heaters in South Africa are Gasolec heaters. Trusted by many large poultry farmers they are perfect for small chicken houses, hoenderhokke, and commercial chicken houses. za,

7 Responses to Heating a chicken house with gas heater

  1. Stephan Meyer says:


    My name is stephan meyer. I am a you farmer. I want to start my own broiler production. Please send me more info on Gasolec heaters i.e. price, aria that you can heat with one unit. Thanks

  2. Ray says:

    whats the cost of a complete gasolec system for 10000 broiler chickens?

  3. charles otletseng says:

    Quote me please on the following: 4 x gas brooders for 1200 chickens, 4 gas regulators and a 419kg gas bottle.

  4. gideon myburgh says:

    Please send me more info on gasolec heaters as well as gas usage per hour, thanks

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